Nowadays, YouTube channel is a principal thing for a musician: it allows sharing the art among the world and reaching the farthest locations within one click. Video cutting and editing may be tiresome, and YouTube is getting complex with all its functionalities. We can help you make the best of it.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profile management is done by many artists on their own. While it’s always appreciated to give these channels a personal touch, we serve with advice and ideas on how to reach more followers actually interested in your art.


Born out of friendship and passion for great singing, Falcon Artists is an international artists agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. We have a lot of faith in the future, and we want the 21st century to be a new golden age of the opera – the queen of arts, where all its branches are woven together to create a unique masterpiece. We believe in our Artists, we respect them and we fight for them.


We specialise in custom, beautiful websites for the Artists, that serve as the principal source of any information for casting directors, press and opera lovers community. We make sure both the content and the visual design meet the modern international standards. Our knowledge about the genre and information management results in highly frequented, useful, interactive websites.


The Executive Director, Dillon Haynes, based in US, for long time known to the opera world as Coloraturafan, with ongoing passion and involvement posted opera recordings on YouTube and promoted both the rising stars of our times and the historical, unforgettable giants. He decided to make a step ahead and start to officially represent the singers.

Ariel Kaya Woytynowska, based in Europe, graduated as a painter and consequently studied Singing, Musicology and Theatre Science. She worked in innumerable positions around theatres and cultural institutions. Creative and full of energy, she is continuously looking for unique timbres and rare abilities to offer them a frame to shine in.